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Relax at Aequis Spa in Portland, Oregon

Bad thoughts and tense shoulders: Be gone! The bliss-inducing environment of Aequis Spa melts away outside stresses, aching muscles, bad bosses, speeding tickets and noisy kids like butter.

Using ancient Ayurvedic healing methods, treatments are individually designed to improve everything from fatigue to detoxification of the body, wellness, healing massages and even a female-centric “goddess” to enhance feminine energy. Using hot stones, one of the spa’s signature treatments is a massage that releases toxins and relaxes muscles by rubbing the heated marble stones over the body. But despite the somewhat mystic spiritual component inherent in many of the treatments, the spa offers simple Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Thai massage and renewing facials as well.

Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy Aequis’ treatments, however - most can take between two and four hours, though time passes quickly in the gentle environment of the spa.

From the moment you enter the lavish penthouse spa, attendants cater to every need, leading you from the entrance, into cozy changing rooms where plush robes await you, then finally into a Zen-like waiting area where your feet are washes with scented water while you sip specially blended tea. Finally, clients are led into dimly lit treatment rooms where one - or sometimes two - therapist give specialized care based on your specific needs and desires.

Finally, clients are treated to a luxurious shower to revive the senses before heading back out into the world—refreshed and renewed. At least until your two year-old jumps on your shoulders and screams in your ear in joy. Uh, when’s that next appointment?

If you go
  • Aequis Spa: 419 SW 11th Ave., Penthouse Suite, Portland, Oregon, 503.223.7847. Check out the website in advance, www.aequisspa.com to learn about specific therapies and techniques.

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